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Mitra Abbasi

Research Scientist

Computer Science & Insigneo Institute for in silico Medicine alumna now working for Simcyp at Certara, a pharmaceutical company in Sheffield

When I decided to study abroad it was a real challenge because Universities offer different experiences, different courses and subjects but I chose the University of Sheffield not only because of the course I wanted to take but because it has a prestigious degree, practical links and industry contacts.

Modelling and simulation has the ability to transform data into information and information into knowledge, this will be a valuable tool for many more years to come and I believe working in this field prepares me to be an effective scientist in global healthcare

Mitra Abbasi

When I was in the first year of higher school I chose a science course because I wanted to do medicine at University but after a year I realised that I was more interested in maths and physics and this was my first step towards entering the engineering field. 

In general, engineering is very popular in Iran. At the University there, 70% of science and engineering students are female - I was one of them that decided to do computer engineering at University.

Since I finished my PhD in Computational System Biology, I got the position of a Research Scientist at Simcyp. This company provides simulation and modelling software for pharmaceutical companies to use for drug development and currently I am working on developing a safety pharmacology algorithm and approaches for Simcyp, cardiac safety simulator.